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The pool and hotel can get noisy and busy as hotel is frequented by many tourists on the Golden Triangle tours and as such you will find reception in the morning quite busy. Most people did tourist and sightseeing in morning, return after lunch, relax post lunch and early afternoon when sun is out and heat of day and then refresh and relax in bar before heading out for evening meals or more sights. The Kaya Kalp Spa as with all ITC hotels should be not forgotten and I can highly recommend the excellent service and the best back massage, the Spa treatments were good value, efficient, and a lovely experience that can be more than a single indulgence as quite reasonable compared to UK.

Breakfast Dining — Tip: Take the inclusive breakfast option as the hotel is very well organised and set up for travellers and residents wanting a very good high quality breakfast, as you would expect in a very good 5 star. Like all ITC Hotels we stayed the buffet breakfast and dining was very good, the western and Indian options were excellent and the a la carte was well stocked with what you would expect in a high end luxury hotel. We did also find the red Wine options somewhat limited to one or two, although more were on the wine list they were not available, the white wine was better stocked and chilled and cooled nicely.

Make sure if you book the suite you remember the happy hour for drinks and snacks in the bar as that can really save a lot and keep kids busy with snacks while adults can rest, relax and indulge in some sunset cocktails. Ensure the hotel is aware of your arrival, I always suggest speaking to them online or by phone before and not just relying on the hotel reservation or booking.

It gives you a level of personal attention with the hotel, they will be aware of any special needs or adjustments and you will be remembered on arrival. All the hotel staff was very friendly, professional, courteous and helpful and I would recommend this hotel to others. I want to especially mention the Butler service at the ITC Jaipur as they were very helpful to us, checking availability, prices and making arrangements for us in the hotel or on local trips.

The buffet team were very kind and helpful too in ensuring we were well fed and watered at the start of our long days. The hotel is located in the centre of the city near the train station so some construction still going on, but nothing noticewlyable within the hotel grounds. The hotel has easy access to the arterial roads to the West and East and is very close to the Pink City Walls, not too far from the Amber Fort. Lake Palace, Gem and Textile markets. Again another ITC luxury experience, the staff were of the highest quality and pleasant always, the suite was large and sumptuous, the location convenient and facilities within the hotel were perfect for making the 2nd leg of our Golden triangle an experience we will never forget — thank you ITC Rajputana.

Thank you so much for taking out your valuable time to share such a wonderful review on your recent stay at the ITC Rajputana. I am sure this will be a great motivation for the team and an inspiration to continue to live up to your expectation in future as well. It is our endeavour to provide every possible comfort to our guests and make their stay pleasant and comfortable. We are pleased to know that starting your journey from your reservation to experiencing a luxurious stay, you had a memorable time at the ITC Rajputana. Thank you once again, for your kind words of appreciation and wish to assure you that I have shared your generous compliments with my team.

They are overwhelmed to receive the appreciation and grateful to you for acknowledging their efforts. We hope that you'll continue to choose us on all your future visits to Jaipur and look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you back soon. It was our first trip to ITC Rajputana. It's like a Palace.. I must say behavior of the entire staff is too excellent.. The room was very clean and nice We had very comfortable stay here.

We like most breakfast area jalmahal restaurants. Would like to thank Varsha from front desk n shrishti n chef Arvind from jalmahal. ITC Rajputana reflects everything that is splendid about Rajasthan and all that is unique about it's magnificence,culture and abundance. We are delighted to note that you enjoyed your stay during your recent visit to Jaipur. It is truly encouraging to receive feedback such as yours and we do hope you will recommend us to your friends and associates. We look forward to welcoming you back soon. Simply put blissful and magical.

These 2 words absolutely define our celebrations and experience. Kudos to the GM Rishiraj and his entire team for meticulously planning every bit. The warm welcome to us on arrival, the surprise element in our suite, special mention for the grand Rajasthani silver thaal sit down dinner which had all of us completely mesmerized, the outstanding cocktail brunch.

Our personal butler Devender with his personalized service took care of all our needs smilingly and patiently. Thanks is not enough. Our friends and family enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Keep shining ITC Rajputana. The Happy Raj Saga has a common theme: The happiness operations of Professor Happiraja, bind all the six novels together, to make the Saga, a word story, illuminated with the philosophy of Lord Buddha.

The Saga has a small group of interesting characters. Their interactions within that group are intricately carved and woven together to make Happy Raj Saga, an unforgettable reading experience for the readers. The author, with his multi-faceted training and experiences in a spectrum of fields and services, has the focus of attracting the attention of his readers to meditation, to enhance their levels of happiness. The Happy Raj Saga runs on two parallel rails: The emotion-packed drama of the family of Weda Ralahamy, moves up, down, and sideways, motored by beauty queen Nangi, and her sister Akki, who gets into the yellow robes to go in search of Nirvana.

It is packed with heart-melting pathos, nerve-wracking poignancy created by iguanas, birds, squirrels, and non-human forces such as ghosts and divine beings. Even dreams play an important role. Mid-ocean boat accidents, mysterious deaths, attempted suicides, the rape of an unconscious beauty queen, terrorist attacks, tsunami waves, and tornados add more sugar, spices, and vinegar to the dishes.

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On the other rail runs the spiritual bandwagon of Professor Happiraja and his group of yogis and yoginis, where philosophy-packed strategic operations such as Operation Nirvana, are formulated, revised at several levels, and launched, to push the meditators closer to the supreme happiness levels in Nirvana. Unperturbed by the changes in the environment, Akki Maniyo struggles with the help of her sister and family to continue with her holy struggle.

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Out of Bounds - Typescript Fragment - Pages , circa Unlined white paper with holograph corrections. Related to early versions of Mr. Sammler's Planet and Humboldt's Gift. Out of Bounds - Typescript Fragment - pages , circa Unlined white paper with holograph corrections. Out of Bounds - Typescript Fragment - Pages 1, 2, 7, 9, and 10, circa Unlined white paper with holograph corrections.

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The Old System - Notebook, Gray, clothbound. Also contains part of early version of Humboldt's Gift. Mosby's Memoirs - Notebook, circa Red notebook. Also includes early "Orlansky" version of Humboldt's Gift. Mosby's Memoirs - Notebook and Typescript pages , Beige stenographer's notebook. Mosby's Memoirs - Typescript Draft, Unlined white paper with holograph corrections. Green - Typescript Draft, With holograph corrections and printer's notations. Begins "Dead of winter…".

Similar to above fragment. Distractions - Typescript Fragment - Pages , undated Unlined white paper with holograph corrections. Nothing Succeeds - Typescript Fragment - Pages 2, 3, 6, undated Unlined white paper with holograph corrections. Opening of play, with description of Bummidge and first speeches. Continues from Notebook 1, with scene between Bummidge and Dixon. Continues from Notebook 2, with speech by Bummidge. Continues from Notebook 3 and begins with speech by Bummidge.

Continues from Notebook 4 with speech by Bummidge. Continues from Notebook 5, with speech by Dixon. Continues from Notebook 5, with speech by Mott. Opening of play, with description of Bummidge on couch. Continues from Notebook 8. Continues Notebook 9, with scene between Gum and Bum. Light green Examination Book notebook. Begins in mid-sentence "used to have some tiny drill bits" with dialogue between Bumm and Mott. Continues from Notebook 11 with conversation between Bumm, Mott, and others.

Continues from Notebook 12, with Mott's speech "Who am I in this enactment". Opening of play, with character descriptions, and Act I. Brown Standard Composition Book notebook. Opening of play, beginning with character descriptions and scene, and continuing through Act I. Opening of play, beginning with scene "Half an hour before broadcast time".

Begins with speech by Bummidge in mid-scene, and pp. Begins with Bummidge's opening speech.


Begins in middle of note "Wink is losing respect for Bumm. Begins with an article on the novelists in America, and then follows a fairly late draft of the whole play. Unidentified part of the play, also including other miscellaneous notes. Begins "I look frightful…". His absorption in his broodings is total. Kalbfuss helps him into it. Bummidge's room in a large Manhattan apt. The end must augur success for B. On unlined white paper with holograph corrections. Complete draft of Act I.

Unlined yellow paper with holograph corrections. Unlined white paper with holograph corrections. Includes covering letter from Stevens Productions Inc. Complete early draft of the play. Includes typescript fragment on unlined white paper with holograph corrections: Act I, pages , Act II, pages various versions. Also includes a holograph fragment on lined paper, pages Roger Stevens production copy. Complete but early version of the play. Almost the same as the final version. Same version as above.

Stevens Productions and David Oppenheim copy.

Includes list of Staff and Cast for "The Last Analysis," card from the Viking Press, and several revised pages; typescript with holograph corrections on unlined white paper, and holograph on yellow lined paper. Unlined white paper with handwritten stage directions and stage setting. Complete draft of the play. Copy for Toby Cole. Under the Weather - Mimeograph Script, Red covers. Script and programs for "Loft Workshop" production. The Adventures of Augie March - Notebook. Chapter II is similar to the conclusion of Chapter I in the final version. Chapter II is called "Various Jobs".

Chapter III is not a complete draft, and ends with Augie's failure at the newspaper stand job. Chapter X is complete and similar to the final version. The Chapter is incomplete. Begins with Augie's visit to Mimi in hospital, where she had hoped to have an abortion, and continues to the end of the chapter. The chapter is also incomplete, ending with the Christmas fiesta before Sylvester's arrival. Begins with Augie's visit to George after his return from Mexico, and continues to Augie's visit with Simon.

This draft does not included the episode where Simon rips off Mrs.

Also includes draft of Chapter XXII, similar to the final version, although the order of events differs. They are mostly concerned with Augie's travels in Europe before going to Paris. Both of these are drafts not included in the final version. Pages and carbon of pages Begins; "Viewing myself I perceive I am a strange kind Begins; "The bakery failed Adler and Wilhelm Seize the Day. Memoirs of a Bootlegger's Son - Notebook 3, circa "I. Begins with a scene about Sugarman, and back of notebook begins; "But when he saw me playing cops and robbers Begins with "Aunt Julia was ready for us Memoirs of a Bootlegger's Son - Notebook 5, circa Brown notebook.

Begins; "Every city-born man Begins with "This argument was a standard one Begins with "As the store in Point St. Memoirs of a Bootlegger's Son - Typescript Draft, circa Unlined white paper with holograph corrections. Back of notebook contains notes on Henderson's children and on "Trembling. This later becomes part of Chapter XII. Chapter VI is unidentified. Also includes drafts of a speech on writing fiction. Henderson the Rain King - Notebook 9, circa Contains an early version of Chapter XV and unidentified fragments on scorpions, amazons, a conference with King Dahfu, Henderson's fever and dreams, and an episode about the wife of the Rain King.

Henderson the Rain King - Notebook 11, circa Contains unidentified episode with King Dahfu; Henderson is left to meditate alone in bed; early versions of Chapter II; various short sections of unidentified notes and an episode about the stealing of Henderson's hat. Henderson the Rain King - Notebook 14, circa Brown notebook. Henderson the Rain King - Typescript Fragment - Chapters I-V, circa Early version of beginning of text on yellow lined paper with holograph corrections.

From the beginning to Henderson's dance with the amazons. Pages are a slightly different version of an extract which appeared in Botteghe Oscure, Vol. From Henderson's arrival with the Wariri to Henderson's dance with the amazons after lifting the idol. Early version in which there are two women in Henderson's life in addition to his first wife.

These women, Joanna and Selma, are later combined as Lily. Chapter VI is an early version of Chapter XV of the final version; and Chapter VII contains unidentified episodes about Henderson's fever and the woman who came to him, his trip to France and his affair with Joanna Lily, and his trip through the village as Rain King dispensing water. Contains unidentified episodes about a lion hunt and the arrest of Romilayu. Includes carbon copy of page 9.

White paper with holograph corrections. White lined paper with holograph correction. Henderson the Rain King - Carbon Copy of Typescript Fragment - Pages , circa Early version of the episode about Henderson's first meeting with King Dahfu, and the rain ceremony with holograph corrections. White lined paper with holograph corrections. White lined paper, yellow lined paper, and white unlined paper with holograph corrections.

Pages of this version appeared in The Hudson Review, Vol. Herzog - Notebook 1, circa "Dr. An early draft, beginning with Amram later becomes Moses Herzog's visit to the Trishanskys later become Sisslers in Martha's Vineyard, and continuing to Herzog's letter to Carlos later becomes Sandor Himmelstein. Much of this material is discarded in later drafts, and Herzog here is a physicist with leanings towards the humanities.

Herzog - Notebook 2, circa Brown notebook. A continuation of Notebook 1, including Herzog's return to his apartment in Chelsea, and letters involving Vic and Mary, old friends with marital problems who do not appear in the final version. Herzog - Notebook 3, circa Beige notebook. Very early version about Brown seeking a divorce, and his friend the lawyer, Raskin, End of notebook contains notes about Reichuk's paintings and drawings.