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From this to the Time of Robert II.

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Hepburn of Hales c , viz. Jean, to John Lord Kennedy. Daughter, married to William Lord Semple. Marjory, to William Lord Somervel.

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By her he had four Children. Praecipitique vides fulmine magna quati. Sir Henry Montgomery of Giffen, dyed without Children.

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Sir Alexander, a Colonel in Ireland, in which Kingdom he dyed. This Earl had moreover five Daughters,. Jacobi Regis 8 vo. Which Thomas attended King Charles I. Anne, to Sir William [ IS a Cadet of the Family of Blackbarony: Which Patrick was by King Charles I. George e ; Rector of the Scots College at Rome, 3. Jean to Walter Barclay of Towie, in Vic.

And again to Mr. Which Alexander married Anne Daughter of Dr. He left behind him three Sons, David, Robert, and Malcolm. Si fas morte etiam victuram condere gentem, Qualia, quanta olim vita datura fuit! He took to Wi [ George Hay of Logie, his Heir Male l. He departed this Life Anno n.

He dying Anno p. Occidit Hayorum Princeps Errolius, orbis Nunc defiderium, qui fuit ante decus. Quid ultra Vel maruere homines, vel tribuere Dei? Lady Margaret, married to James Earl of Linlithgow.

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He departed this Life Anno Alexander killed at Flowdoun d. Margaret, married to James Abercromby of Birkenbog. Mary to Alexander Urquhart Sheriff of Cromarty. Which James Lord Deskford, was by K. Anne, Wife of William Earl of Glencairn. Departing this frail Life, the 30th of March Anno Dom. In the Debates about King James 's Forfaulture, he argued learnedly in favours of that unfortunate Monarch.

Smith being put in his Room. Which Alexander obtained the Honour of Knighthood before the Duncan Author [Page ] of the Branch of Cor [ To Alexander Innes of that Ilk f. Marjory, to Gilbert Forbes of Brux g.

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He married 3 dly. He departed this Life Anno Dem. Daughter Jean, married to James Lord Ogilvy. Janet, Daughter of James Seton of Touch, by whom he had,. Mary, married to James Lord Duffu [ Azure, three Bears Heads. Thus much for his Civil Actions. Ninian, within the Church of St. He married Anne Daughter of. Hadden of Gleneagles c , by whom he had,.

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That, if any within the 9th. This Alan dying Anno Dom. The next of the Family was,. After him and apparently his Son was,. Jean, to James Kennedy of Colzean. This Earl died very aged, Ann [ James, now Earl of Galloway. Colonel John Steuart of Sorbie. Heurietta, to William Earl of Glen [ And in the great Affair of the Union of the two Kingdoms. Seeing his native Country imbroil'd in a War, he retired into France An.

He departing this Life, Anno i. She died in the 29th Year of her Age, the 4th. Which John was born the 12th of May Martia vis animi, vacuum formidine pectus, Cana fides, nulla labe notatus honos: Lilias, married to David Lord Drummond n , 2 d. Catherine, to Colin Campbel of Glenurchie, 3 d. Cecilia, to Sir David Weems of Weems, 4 th. Barbara, to Patrick Lord Gray, 5 th. Janet, to John Crichton of Strathurd o. William Lundy of that Ilk q , in Vicecomitatu de Fife. Patrick Ruthven Doctor of Medicine: Margaret married to John Earl of Montr [ He faithfully adhered to that Prince in his good and bad Fortune: Jean married to George Haldan of Gleneagles in Vic.

Margaret to Hector Macklain of Dowart, in Vic. Margaret to David Beaton of Crich. He had by a Grant of King James V. Agnes to Robert Boyle of Bullochmartin, in Vic. Patrick an Advocate, Charles. This Richer left a Son,. This Thomas left behind him a Son,.

English History from 1066

In the 28th of King David II. But upon King James IV. Sophia to Sir Gilbert Hay Knight n. Which Alexander was one of the Lords of the Council to K.

THE Peerage of SCOTLAND.

Janet, married to Colin 3 d Earl of Argyle. John Gordon of Finlater, who was executed after the Battle of Corichie. Sterling, and that during Life b , which is all I have found memorable of him. Lord of Fowlis c. He died before his Father in Marjory to Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Inch martin, 3. James Ogilvy of Balfour. Lilias to David Tyrie of Drumki [ Elizabeth to Laurence Bruce of Cultmali [ Patrick Lord Gray died 30th January Gules, a Lyon rampant within a Border ingraled Argent.

Supporters, two Lyons rampant, guardant Gules. In the , the Earl was removed from the Secretary's Place, and was thereupon made Privy Seal, and he continued in the Office till his Death, May 29th, Supporters, Two Spaniel Dogs. In the Reign of Robert I. In the 4th of King Robert II. Soon after which, King James conferred on him the Honour o [ Helen married to Archibald Earl of Argyle. Jane to Alexander Earl of Glencairn.

Neither am I to forget, that at this time King Francis I. Beyond the pond is a wood. All this—house, lawn, pond, and wood—is raised only two or three feet above the level of the water meadows, or ings, extending to the River Wharfe. In Upon Appleton House Marvell gives us an imaginative, sensuous experience of the garden-fortress: Too, I doubt that the grass later in the summer would be much deeper than in June: Marvell creates a masque out of the seasonal processes of mowing and grazing, a masque that gives signs for the sorrows and terrors of war.

At this point in Upon Appleton House, the poet can confront the reality of the Civil Wars only by placing it at a distance, as in a masque on a stage [3]. The masque closes with the flooding of the meadows. In the winter, so Miss Dawson told me, the meadows were so flooded that the lady of the manor was carried to church at Bolton Percy by boat, and the church bell was kept ringing until she arrived. He himself needs this reassurance that things are in control. After all, a flood erases boundaries; it changes the reality of place and thus it suspends the rules of ordinary behavior.

The poet exploits this unseasonable flood so that he will be forced into retirement, marooned in the wood, on a sudden island. En-isled in the wood, he is relieved of his responsibilities as a member of the Fairfax household, relieved too of the burdens of proper behavior and responsible action [5].

This lane bore the marks of truck tires. Ever so often, there was hay set out for horses or perhaps deer. The undergrowth was thick, much of it brambles. No strawberries, but ivy and oaks—and lots of big flies, lots of mosquitoes. Marvell never mentioned them. I carelessly touched the edge of a leaf and was stung as if it had been a nettle. Nettles are there too, and the ground is wet and thick with leaf mould.

The birds are big and easily frightened. In a hole in a tree, deep, where I cannot see, I hear baby birds. Animal noises startle me in this strange world. In such a wood, Marvell meditated on the trees and the birds. Indeed, in the poem he imagines himself become one with them. To him, the wood is a place of power and mystery, protection and renewal, affording privacy and intimacy on the one hand, fecundity and imaginative bounty on the other. There, he is privileged to surrender his self-consciousness, to relax moral vigilance, to give up obsession and guilt.

In submitting to sensuous nature, the poet contacts the Other in himself: Yet, in truth, it seems entirely unlikely that she would be walking so far from the house at such an hour: The pond is beautiful, even exotic. Ducks lead their ducklings. Baby corncrakes pad across the surface as if walking on spongy ground and hide in chinks in the retaining wall.

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